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Ningbo Zhengguang Resin Co., Ltd. Ningbo Zhengguang Resin Co., Ltd.

Ningbo Zhengguang Resin Co.,Ltd. is wholly-owned production Base of Zhejiang Zhengguang Industrial Co., Ltd. “Zhengguang” is one of the most influential Chinese ion exchange resin manufacture and application company. It was found in October 1969 and has more than 43 years experiences in Ion exchange resin research, development and manufacture history. Zhengguang is also the vice chairman of the China..........  >> Read more


Technical Service:86-571-86372035
Factory address:No.6 Niluoshan Rd., Ningbo Petrochemical Development Zone, ZhenHai, Ningbo, China 315204.
Sales dept. address: 1604-2, Maya Plaza,No.3 Century Av.,Linping Yuhang,Hangzhou,China 311100.